Ensure you get the resources and care you need before, during, and after your pregnancy so you can optimize your health and that of your baby. At the offices of Steven R. Edmondson, MD PA, you not only get thorough checkups throughout your pregnancy, but you also get the benefit of his advice that is backed by more than 30 years of experience. When you need a Obstetrician in Fort Worth, Texas, count on our clinic for the support you deserve.

Providing Comprehensive Pregnancy Care Services

Count on our medical staff to help you progress through your pregnancy safely. Our prenatal care specialist sets up office visits and tests throughout each stage of your pregnancy to help monitor the health and development of your baby, starting with pre-conception counseling. Schedule an initial visit to determine your health, confirmation of pregnancy, and an ultrasound to check the development of the fetus. After the initial visit, we schedule regular appointments for prenatal visits, blood tests, and genetic screening and additional ultrasounds to track the progress and health of you and your baby.


Ensure a Healthy Pregnancy with Our Prenatal Care

Effective prenatal treatment is one of the best ways to ensure the proper development of your child as well as your overall health and wellbeing. Not only do we perform a list of comprehensive tests, but we also make sure you have the resources you need to handle the stress pregnancy can cause on your mind, body, and emotions. Our friendly, caring staff can answer your questions and provide solutions for any pregnancy concerns you may have.


Pre-Conception Counseling Gets Your Body Ready for Pregnancy

Trust our pregnancy doctor to help get your body ready for the challenges and rewards of pregnancy. We gather information about your health and lifestyle, suggesting changes you can make to help you get pregnant and stay healthy throughout your pregnancy. With our services, you have access to information about proper prenatal and post-pregnancy care as well as the care and guidance of our medical staff. Together, these resources give you everything you need for a successful pregnancy.

Contact us today to learn more about our prenatal services. We proudly serve patients in Fort Worth, Keller, South Lake, Colleyville, and Watauga, Texas.