Massage Therapy

Our Massage Program

Dr. Steven R. Edmondson is a board certified Ob-Gyn. In much of his 30 year career he has focused on high risk pregnancies and VBAC. Dr. Edmondson’s core philosophy includes assessing each patient as a whole person. In line with this approach to patient care, we are pleased to offer a comprehensive massage therapy program. Massage therapy not only enhances your overall sense of well-being, as well as quality of life, and medical studies have shown that massage can have tangible health benefits. Our massage therapist is licensed and has specialized training in all the modalities that we offer.

In the convenience of Dr. Edmondson’s comfortable office, patients can enjoy the restorative health benefits that massage therapy offers. Whether it is to soothe the aches and pains of pregnancy, relieve debilitating migraines, alleviate pain and anxiety during cancer treatment, or just indulge in some well deserved relaxation, our highly trained and experienced massage therapist will be able to assist you in developing a custom, and personalized treatment program.

The products we use on our patients are certified cruelty free and made from organic ingredients. For your health and safety of your unborn child, they are free of parabens and sulfates. In addition, 99% are vegan and gluten free. We proudly feature Farmhouse Fresh products, manufactured in McKinney, Texas, by an all woman owned business.