Hysterectomies in Fort Worth, TX

Count on our medical professionals for relief from heavy or painful periods, tumors in and around the uterus, and many other cervical or uterine conditions. At the offices of Steven R. Edmondson, MD PA, we work closely with you to determine your specific condition and what solutions would be best to help alleviate your worst symptoms. We provide hysterectomies in Fort Worth, Texas, for women whose medical condition warrants surgery.

A hysterectomy is a major surgical procedure that involves removing a woman’s uterus. Dr. Edmondson can help you determine if it would be most effective in treating your specific condition. Our hysterectomy doctor gathers information about your medical history and symptoms so we can properly diagnose your condition. If we come to the consensus that it is, we can perform a hysterectomy and give you the resources and support you need for a speedy and healthy recovery.


When to Visit Our Experienced Hysterectomy Doctor

Understand your options when after you receive certain diagnoses. Hysterectomies are done both electively and out of necessity depending on the individual case. If you believe that you have any of the following conditions make an appointment with Dr. Edmondson to discuss your options.

• Adenomyosis • Cervical, Ovarian, or Uterine Cancer • Endometriosis • Fibroids • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease • Prolapsed Uterus • Scar Tissue from a C-Section • Vaginal Bleeding Unrelated to Your Period

The Dr. will examine and diagnose patients to determine whether a hysterectomy is the right course of action for that patient. If so they will follow through with the procedure.