Gynecological Exams in Fort Worth, TX

Ensure your health and well-being when you visit the offices of Steven R. Edmondson, MD PA. Dr. Edmondson provides gynecological exams in Fort Worth, Texas, for women of all ages. These exams check for abnormalities in your reproductive organs and breast tissue so you can catch any potential problems early.

Dr. Edmondson helps adolescent and adult women feel comfortable at each appointment by striving to create a friendly, helpful environment. In addition to our annual well-woman exams, we also provide a wide array of services including the following:


Dr. Edmondson performs minimally invasive robotic da Vinci Surgery with Multi Site (R) Instruments.

The following conditions which can impact a women’s daily life may make her a candidate for surgery when lifestyle changes, medicine, or other treatments do not ease your symptoms:

  • Severe pelvic pain
  • Abnormal or heavy bleeding
  • Fibroids
  • Cancer
  • Pelvic Prolapse

Robotic assisted da Vinci Surgery: minimally invasive surgery is done through a few small incisions (or belly button incision), surgeries include:

  • da Vinci Hysterectomy (Benign)
  • da Vinci Hysterectomy (Cancer)
  • da Vinci Endometriosis
  • da Vinci Myomectomy
  • da Vinci Sacropolpopexy


Annual Well-Woman Exams for Preventative Health

Count on Dr. Edmondson for high-quality preventative care. As part of your annual well-woman exam, Dr. Edmondson will conduct a breast exam to check for any signs of breast disease.

We want to help you feel empowered about your body and your reproductive health. At your annual exam, you are encouraged to ask any questions you might have, as well as get information regarding methods of contraception.


Specialists Who Help You Understand Your Birth Control Options

Get information about birth control in a safe, non-judgmental clinic. We try to create a safe space to openly answer your questions. There are many different types of contraceptives available, and Dr. Edmondson will assist you in making your choices.

Providing Caring and Discrete STD Screenings

Trust our staff to provide the support you need during your STD testing. Getting screened for STDs is important for all sexually active people.