Genetic Screening

Genetic Screening in Fort Worth, TX

Visit the offices of Steven R. Edmondson, MD PA to assess your risk of certain genetic conditions. We provide comprehensive genetic screening in Fort Worth, Texas, for women who are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, and those who want to know their likelihood of developing certain diseases or conditions.

Some genetic testing during pregnancy also assesses your child’s risk of inheriting genetic conditions. The tests are conducted throughout all three trimesters and may include the following:

  • Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) Test
  • Amniocentesis
  • Ultrasounds
  • QUAD Screens
  • Cystic Fibrosis Screening
  • Noninvasive Chromosome Testing
  • Hereditary Cancer Screening


Genetic Testing for Women

Count on Dr. Edmondson to provide useful information and support for concerning your genetic screenings. Genetic tests may be recommended whenever you might be at risk for some conditions, or if you plan to become or already are pregnant. Typically, women who receive non-prenatal genetic counseling do so to determine their risk for cancer. Our BRCA screening tests for an inherited mutation of the BRCA gene that is linked to breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Having this test done early can let you know if you need to watch more closely for other signs of these cancers.

Prenatal genetic testing is helpful for expectant mothers because it helps them get a better understanding of what their baby’s special needs will be, if any. Several genetic abnormalities can be diagnosed before birth which allows you more time to research and look at your baby’s treatment options. These conditions include the following:

• Cystic Fibrosis   • Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy   • Hemophilia A   • Polycystic Kidney Disease   • Sickle Cell Anemia   • Tay – Sachs Disease   • Thalassemia


Assess Your Cancer Risk with Our BRCA Screening

BRCA testing is analyzes your DNA from a blood sample and looks for mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes that are linked with breast cancer. A mutation doesn’t necessarily mean a patient will get breast cancer, but if you do have one, we suggest earlier or more frequent mammograms so if it does happen, we can catch it and eliminate it early.

This can be an emotional and worrying experience for some, so our medical staff is here to help answer any questions and provide support if you need it. In our more than 27 years of practice, we have gained the experience that not only allows us to provide exemplary medical services, but to have the kind of empathy that is so important during difficult or stressful times like these.